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Mija House Feel the magic of Mija house.

MIJA HOUSE is an agro-allied based start-up company, which uses Spray Drying technology to process premium quality eggs into Whole Egg Powder.
The Egg Powder is packaged for use by households and Commercial entities such as; bakeries, restaurants, hotels and educational institution.
While shell eggs are easy to use in the kitchen for preparing meals, baked goods and breakfast. Shell eggs are extremely perishable, have a relatively short life and must be refrigerated.
Whereas ,under proper storage condition, powdered eggs can be stored up to 5 years. Egg Powder that would be produced by MIJA HOUSE retains the shell egg colour, flavour and natural value.
With Whole Egg Powder the risk of bacterial contamination due to improper handling is significantly reduced and the clean up time is reduced as well.

Sectors Agribusiness, Consumer non-durables, Manufacturing
Location Ibadan, Nigeria
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