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MiddleMan Eliminating Barriers in Trade

MiddleMan is an online marketplace that uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to connect buyers with sellers while connecting them (buyers & sellers) with auxiliaries to trade (eg. courier, payment processing, warehousing, communication, advertising, marketing, finance, insurance, etc.). The idea is to first show products that are closest to a buyer from search result. This would ensure that products can be delivered on a timely basis and buyers can communicate with sellers to schedule a flexible delivery. It saves time that would have been spent in going into a shopping mall, market or high street to find a product that you might eventually not find and also delivery can be faster unlike other marketplaces that do not allow buyers and sellers to communicate and do not allow buyers to have access to seller’s store location.

This idea would save millions of dollars that are being lost in countries where the ‘pay on delivery’ payment method is widely used and accepted.

Sectors E-commerce
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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