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MiddleBrook Farms Waste-to-Food Circular Economy Innovation

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MiddleBrook Farms

MiddleBrook Farms

Organic waste recycling is often overlooked because the value of its products is perceived to be lower than that of other waste materials such as plastics, metal, or glass. At MiddleBrook Farms, we’ve been able to identify a value-addition opportunity which combines waste management/reduction and value creation, in ways that considerably increases the value of processed agro-waste, reduce CO2 emissions, creates jobs, tackle malnutrition and unemployment, as well as fight climate change. Our value proposition for our fertilizer products are as follows:
1. Provides up to 55% yield increase based on trials with tomato, sugarcane, maize, cucumber, chickpea, bell pepper, lettuce, and rice.
2. Improves nutrient uptake (enhancing NPK uptake and utilization efficiency)
3. Improves rate of residue decomposition resulting in greater availability of soil nutrients
4. Increases content of chlorophyll and carotenoids
5. Increases enzyme activity in the soil

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Oyo, Nigeria
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