Microvard Technology Group Co LTD "We Believe Technology alone is the only platform left to make a significant change in this world" - Microvard

Microvard Technology Group® ought’s to improve usability and accessibility of the aspects we often use frequently by automating conventional amenities into innovative products. The company ought’s to solve a problem which is truly overdue, by developing products that will help our customers live more efficient and economical. 


Microvard answers a need that is well and truly overdue. Everyone in the world need(s) something that they don’t know that they need. Microvard® fills in this gap by redeveloping essential, conventional amenities into sophisticated and smart products. We call this Innovation Through Convention.


Microvard® apprehends to improve accessibility of daily residential and personal essentials by innovating the conventional amenities found within a homestead or personal use.

Global Mission:

Our Mission is to never stop making prodigious products up until every household has a product of Microvard  


Microvard fills a huge gap in the market of innovation. We answer a need that is well and truly overdue which is primarily having technology automate stuff for us, not only working for us.

Stage Unknown EST September 2015
Sectors Clean technology, Consumer durables, Renewable energy
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Markets South Africa
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