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Mgom’mera Seed Investments Seed production company, specializing in maize and legumes

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Mgom’mera produces drought tolerant, high yielding and nutrient dense varieties of maize and legumes. As the Malawian agricultural sector seeks to combat effects of climate change and drought, Mgom’mera aims to tackle this issue from seed technology and modern innovations in irrigation farming. Rain-fed maize is by far the main component of the Malawian diet, and is grown by 80 percent of all small holder farmers. However, livestock production, as a sub-sector remains underdeveloped.

Mgom’mera’s Quality Protien Maize (QPM) seed variety brings to market a product that is found nowhere else in the industry. A product that is familiar to the farmer but also protein rich. Further, Mgom’mera brings to market soya.

Mgom’mera is seeking venture capital funding for a climate smart lake shore solar irrigated farming system. This includes, a solar pump and irrigation system, hydroponics green houses, and fish ponds.

Sectors Agribusiness, Crop farming
Location Lilongwe, Malawi
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