MGL Holdings Pty Ltd We offer the professional services in business and skills development

MGL is an advisory and technical support
provider for the private sector. We create opportunities for socioeconomic development. We view our role not as
consultants, but as specialist socio economic
development partners. Therefore, we recognize
the critical role that the private sector can play
in sustainable development. We pride ourselves as a project management firm giving;
1. Skills, expertise & industry exposure to client’s value chain and mutual
benefits to surrounding communities.
2.Creating new diverse strategies andd capacitating designated groups to advance transformation.
This includes training procument, new business & self-management
opportunities focusing on addressing economic ownership imbalances
(Unemployment and Skills transfers) also engagement with community
3.Establishment of areas of collaborations & synergies with key
related business & high usage end users.

Sectors Agribusiness, Consulting and business development, Educational services
Location Pretoria, South Africa
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