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We are Ghana’s No.1 Restaurant Directory and Food Guide App. – Menus, Reviews, Discounts

Users can quickly find the food they want.

We are getting ready to Pilot a Subscription Model that gives users access to Discounts at partner restaurants.

We have the first homegrown Restaurant Directory App
We do first of it’s kind Tasting & Reviews on Instagram with Rich Content.
We have a ready made market, a community of 26.3 Instagram Followers. Even if we started with a third of this it’s a community of people who actively follow, engage and many have indicated

We launched our app on April 22nd, we have 950 Users and 78 Restaurants and Food Vendors on the Platform.

Homechow, Bolt Food & Jumia Food have all approached us recently and we don’t even do delivery yet but the partnerships weren’t right.

We do intend to go into delivery at some point once we secure funding.



SectorsFood and beverage
LocationMadina, Ghana
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