Mellowcabs Mellowcabs manufactures, and operates, new electric mini taxis



Mellowcabs manufactures, and operates new electric mini-cabs that provide an on-demand, flexible and affordable taxi/transport service in cities. These services can be provided through our mobile app, call-centre or website. We are now in a development phase, where we are designing and building a brand new generation of Mellowcab, with world-leading technology and capabilities.
These vehicles are aimed at providing affordable, efficient, and emission free transport in cities.
We have dual income sources, passenger fares, (we provide a more affordable option that traditional cabs) and selling advertising space on, and in the vehicles. Advertising on our vehicles have proven to be very powerful and lucrative. Operating the vehicles is also significantly more efficient and therefore more affordable than traditional fuel-burning taxis

The cabs are manufactured in South Africa, and hold full international road-worthy status.
Our Mellowcabs have been designed to be very safe and extremely visible, and to offer optimum advertising space on an aesthetically pleasing design. Mellowcabs will typically operate in a limited urban radius of 3-4 km, and will not compete with other transport systems such as trains, buses, but rather feed into and complement existing networks. A single Mellowcab can provide over 120km of transport per day. All our vehicles are also equipped with on-board tablet computers, which offer an interactive experience to the passenger.

Stage Unknown EST January 2012
SectorsClean technology, Manufacturing, Transport and logistics
LocationSouth Africa
MarketsKenya, Malawi, Nigeria
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