Meka is a web and mobile service designed to help buyers quickily find information about cost, availability and location of items that they are interested in. Meka is the largest product related
database in Uganda and presents real-time information readily accessible to end users.

It is the industry innovator in comparison shopping, price and product reference.
Very many buyers/consumers waste a lot time moving from place to place looking for items or simply information about different items they are interested in sometimes without luck. Many times buyers are taken advantage of/cheated because they have no idea what the item costs at the store next door.

With Meka, consumers can quickly obtain free and unbiased information about products, services, prices, location, vendors and sellers with ease either from their mobile phones or computers before making a purchase.
For the vendors, there is nothing better than getting information about your items straight to the buyer or potential buyers without breaking a sweat.
Having online presence without stressing about a website and all the related logistics.

Meka platform is made up of a Website, SMS and Smartphone apps/Mobile. There is a huge mobile audience that the vendors now have an opportunity to reach out with ease. With over 14 million mobile users and 4.2 million internet users in Uganda as of end 2011, the audience is huge!