Medbit Mobile booking platform for patients cum patient management system for doctors.

Medbit: An introduction

Who are we? What do we do? Why does it matter?Check out the video to see why Medbit is your go-to solution when you need medical attention! Be sure to download the Medbit app from Google Play Store today!

Posted by Medbit on Saturday, September 30, 2017

Medbit is a social enterprise that provides the Kenyan citizen a means to book and pay for healthcare services on their Android smartphone. By partnering with a diverse pool of accredited healthcare professionals and institutions, we provide a platform where citizens can search for, book and pay for doctors, specialists, facilities, healthcare services and institutionalized care in real time.

Through our Android application, citizens can navigate through our revolutionary UI – one designed to ensures they do not have to fill a single form, making the process of finding doctors as easy and intuitive as having a conversation. Healthcare Providers are able to create bookable time slots, update their profiles and accept appointments through their smartphones via their own ‘Medbit Providers app’.

Medbit supports a wide range of payment platforms including mainstream mobile wallets, giving users the option of paying for appointments with their insurance covers, Mpesa, PayPal or Debit card

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