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75% of Tanzanians live in rural and semi urban areas and among 120 medias in Tanzania only 1.5% (us included) focus on rural and semi urban communities.This population doesn’t have access to information. This hinders their development.
Radio is the only free media that can reach mass population at once.
Research by UNESCO 2016 Suggests 83% of Tanzanians get news and information from radio, making it the leader of both media and non-media source and this is why we are working with different communities and using our radio to develop different radio programs that enhance community participation in problem solving and government planning. We are are for profit business and I am social entrepreneur.
In the past 5 years we partnered with Voice of America, BBC media action and UN Radio to ensure the right programs reach the right people for change
Some of our partners have been greatly satisfied without community progams https://www.irishaid.ie/stories-of-progress/casestudies/arc

SectorsCreative, media and entertainment, Telecom
LocationTanzania, United Republic of
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