Mazima Retirement Plan Children shouldn't be your retirement plan

Uganda has a workforce of 17 million, only 2 million have a retirement savings account. $ 1 billion in retirement savings goes uncollected annually. Millions risk sliding into old age poverty if we do nothing now.
Mazima is a licensed and regulated entity that allows operating flexible Individual Retirement Accounts with returns above inflation.
In 1 year we have 1,000 members and savings of $170,000 and on course to reach 50,000 in the next 2 years
Our Business Model is a onetime fee of $3; a 2% charge on assets under management. The average income per member per year is $7 dollars. We break even at $ 1m savings.
Our growth strategy is working with multiple channel partners especially Mobile Money Platform Providers and Financial Institutions that serve low income earners.
With 80% of Uganda’s population below 30, there is a clear window of opportunity to enroll millions on a long term savings platform and stay with them for decades.

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