Maxsafe Processors Growing community by good health and conscious living.

Agriculture has remained the backbone for Malawis economy. However, an important proportion of agriculture industry comprises of small holder farmers who continue to not have adequate market access or capacity to generate a constant supply of their produce. On the other hand, Good nutrition is one of the most important for well being of children and its critical to achieving full physical growth. For years, malnutrition has remained a serious challenge in Malawi and cotributes to preventable child deaths. Maxsafe Processors is the solution, We organise the most vulnerable women groundnuts farmers into groups of farmers to achieve a stable supply of raw materials. A value chain of peanutbutter is being created by linking the farmers to a sustainable market opportunity. Maxsafe processors has also cooperated with an international organisation who distributes, the peanut butter to primary schools and nursery schools in communities to fight against malnutrition among the children.

Stage Startup stage EST September 2017
Sectors Agribusiness, Food production
Location Lilongwe, Malawi
Markets Malawi
Customer model B2B
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