Mark of Quality Road Safety Service Wholistic vehicle safety implementation service for PSVs

Did you know, as at October 2018, 6052 was the total number of persons who died and had minor and serious injuries in Kenya as a result of road accidents. In the month of October 2018, more than 55 persons lost their lives from one accident involving a PSV.

Kenya is estimated to have 48.5 Million people as at 2017 (Source, AfDB). 95% of whom, use public transport as their means of commuting. From this data, the larger population is at the most risk of injury and death in the event of a road traffic accident. With proper PSV vehicle safety implementation and maintenance procedures, coupled with consistent road safety education we CAN reduce the loss of life and serious injuries by half each consistent year. This is possible, and we have the solution for just that.

For our investors, we guarantee recouping back your investment within the first active 18 months of the company and a ROI of up to 4 X in three years. 

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LocationNairobi, Kenya
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