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Marini Naturals Africa's fastest growing Natural Haircare Brand!

Marini Naturals

Marini Naturals

Marini Naturals is Africa’s fastest growing Natural African & Ethnic Haircare line. We manufacture and globally distribute quality natural haircare products for the multicultural market. We are the Rolls Royce of Natural Haircare in Africa!

e make quality haircare products for the whole family. We manufacture locally and distribute globally to the African and wider multicultural market.

Since our inception in 2015, our product range has grown to include:
1. Men’s Line
2. Women’s Line
3. Kid’s Line
3. “Great For All” Line
4. Dreadlocks Line
5. Pure Butter

We solve 3 key problems:
1. Providing quality natural haircare products in Africa for the more health-conscious individuals who have decided to grow out their hair naturally as opposed to slathering chemicals on their hair.
2. We are the only haircare line whose products give 72 hours of moisture in hair, keeping it soft and manageable for upto 3 days. This is a big problem to solve in African hair.

SecteursMédicaments et cosmétiques, Fabrication, Commerce de détail
EmplacementNairobi, Kenya
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