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Marene Organic Farms Organic Food for Healthier Lifestyle

Cover image of Marene Organic Farms, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Marene Organic Farms is a mixed farming business venture. We commercially rear various animals and insects, and grow a variety of crops for both local and international consumption, while employing a recycling waste management program.
We rear Poultry (indigenous free-range ‘kienyeji’ chicken and capon), Pigs, Goats and Black Soldier Fly Larvae.
We grow everything organic: Mushrooms and a variety of spices and vegetables. This processes are made possible as we have two dedicated farms that each deals with the rearing of animals and growth of plants respectively.
We are involved in Farm production and trainings, processing of our end products, packaging, retailing, distribution, delivery and after sales services to clients of our business.
We ensure continued supply of products in the food supply chain supplying both the local consumers at our localities both homes and other retailers (butchers, wholesalers)

SectorsAgribusiness, Animal farming, Crop farming, Marketing and PR, Waste management and recycling
LocationGachie, Kenya
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