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Manos Del Monte Packaging produced by rural women in chaco forest recycling clothes

Manos del Monte is a women-rural-forest based business in the Chaco forest that let rural women learn how to produce enviromental packaging by recycling clothes that are wasted, working together.
By selling these products they generate an income that let them improve their families lives in the chaco forest. That gives them the opportunity of projecting a life in their own lands, without feeling obliged to leave it because of lack of opportunities (situation that finally conduce to a big farmer buyer who use the lands for monocultivation cutting down the forest and making dissappear the little biodiversity that is still alive).
Business also strenghten conciousness and abilities to recycle, to repair personal clothes saving money.
Women are empowered as they conform groups in each rural community, go out of their houses once a week to learn new techniques with a teacher and produce together. Even some of them go one step ahead and sell own products generating extra income.

Sectors Clothing and textiles production, Natural resource protection, Waste management and recycling
Location Tres Isletas, Argentina
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