Manifestcast We in clothing ,all ranges of clothing.

We want to create create world of clothing ranges under one ambrella/brand name ,for I named the clothing brand name : Manifest and it’s slogan is :Pain made me.So the overall idea is to bring up quality ,and style that will separate our customers from the rest.We call this brand ” a brand with a heart” for someone whose gonna wear our product has worked hard so he/she will be wearing wearing reward of going through pain and succeeded.So our customers will be wearing something they feel worthy of wearing …..this is a product that appreciates and endorse hard work so to weary quality product and style that will seperate you from the rest.For even our Logo and it’s trade Mark speaks volumes….and we certainly know that customers love to stand out from the rest and being unique , so that’s what will bring them to our product to buy and brag about it for they will be wearing the result of thier sweet and blood.

Secteurs Vêtements et textiles, Mode, Vente au détail et en gros
Emplacement Whittlesea, Afrique Du Sud
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