mango solar Powering and digitizing African homes


We are 3 co-founders who have jointly completed a master’s degree in Advanced Management with focus on IT management. Manuel and Danny already met during their bachelor’s studies in mechatronics in 2009. In total, we have over 17 years of work experience in the solar industry.
We acquired interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of electronics, IT management, software and hardware programming, solar technology, business intelligence, finance and controlling, marketing, web design and general management. We spent a total of two years on site in 7 different target regions in Africa. Manuel is permanently based in Kenya since 2018 to develop local business activities and prepare local mass production. Danny has previously developed similar technologies for market players who now have over 200k solar systems in the field. Rebecca is specialized in internal organization and agile project management as well as external communication activities including online marketing and web design.


  • Manuel Gollmann
    Manuel Gollmann
    CFO, CIO | Master
  • Rebecca Bregant
    Rebecca Bregant
    CMO, COO | Master
  • Danny Friedrich
    Danny Friedrich
    CEO, CTO | Master