mango solar Powering and digitizing African homes


240 million remote households currenlty use 168 liters of kerosene per year, emitting 96 billion kg of CO2 per year. By replacing kerosene with solar energy, we can save 430 million kg of CO2 until 2025, impacting 200k households.We also contribute to SDG 8 by creating local jobs in Kenya, since our products are assembled in Nairobi.

Sustainable development goals

  1. 7.1
    By 2030, ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services
  2. 7.2
    By 2030, increase substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix
  3. 7.b
    By 2030, expand infrastructure and upgrade technology for supplying modern and sustainable energy services for all in developing countries, in particular least developed countries, small island developing States, and land-locked developing countries, in accordance with their respective programmes of support
  1. 8.2
    Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation, including through a focus on high-value added and labour-intensive sectors
  2. 8.4
    Improve progressively, through 2030, global resource efficiency in consumption and production and endeavour to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation, in accordance with the 10-year framework of programmes on sustainable consumption and production, with developed countries taking the lead
  3. 8.5
    By 2030, achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including for young people and persons with disabilities, and equal pay for work of equal value
  4. 8.8
    Protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers, including migrant workers, in particular women migrants, and those in precarious employment