Manfold Holdings Group Limited (MH GROUP) We meet the needs of people by offering innovative services/projects

We provide housing, both residential and commercial as one of the basic needs for humanity; hence our passion for ecosystem and innovative housing projects in real estate is to meet this essential need for humanity and bring about positive impact.

We provide Hospitality services which are very important part of our life and we aim to establish smart ecosystem services in terms of hotels, restaurants, resorts and other privileged leisure to make life more interesting.
We provide Consumer goods/import/export in order to meet the needs of all our clients and customers for ease and comfortable living.

We aim to meet the needs of people by putting up innovative and affordable houses (Residential, Apartments units and Commercial buildings) alongside accommodations and leisure as a necessary part of life and offer consumer goods for livelihoods.
Our main concern is to solve the problem of housing, accommodation in hospitality services and consumer goods which is vital to our daily lives.

StageStartup stage EST May 2018
SectorsConstruction, Construction and manufacturing, Consumer durables, Hospitality
Customer modelB2B2B, B2B2C, B2C
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