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Mali Spaces Taking you home

Mali Spaces is the company name. Mali, loosely translated from Swahili, means Property.
Mali, thus, is a product crafted for the real estate industry. The main purpose of this product is to offer digital marketing services, done through mobile and web – with a larger focus on mobile since this is the main point of interaction for most end users.
The whole idea was coined over 2 years ago, the first document dating back to 10/10/2017. Since then, a lot of business development and technical development has taken place. As far as business development goes, we have drafted several documents, over time, outlining Mali’s business plan – basically talking about our niche/target market, revenue model, entry to market plans, and marketing strategies. We hav done full UI/UX design and prototyping for the mobile app and website, with the mobile app’s coding having been done up to 95%, as we speak. Thus, there’s a working prototype that can be installed on an actual android phone and tested.

Sectors Real estate, Software as a Service
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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