MA’IDAH FARMS Sustainable farmer, also assisting other farmers through clustering

MA’IDAH FARMS is sustainable Agricultural and Agro-allied company that will be health cautious and help other farmers meet profitable market demands and achieve their goals through training and farm support services. We will be specialized in the production of vegetables all year round using modern irrigation systems. Our products and services will include:
• Cultivation of crops exotic and local vegetables
• Supply of farm inputs
• Consultancy and Advisory service
• Training services to Agripreneurs, individuals and organization
• Tractor hiring
• Cash crop production for export
We have also identify the need for effective clustering of farmers to facilitate training, demonstration, field activities, mentorship, access to finance, coperative etc which are some of the services we shall be providing by partnering with seed companies, Agro-chemical companies, and government agencies willing to assist farmers.
We are seeking to raise N7.5million to start production on 5 hectares

Secteurs Agri-entreprise, Culture agricole, Machines agricoles
Emplacement Epe, Nigeria
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