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Maarifasasa Limited

Maarifasasa Limited

We are an edutech company revolutionizing the knowledge acquisition process through technological innovation & impactful interventions. Today, 70% of countries in sub-Saharan Africa face acute shortages of teachers, rising to 90% at the secondary level. To achieve universal primary & secondary education by 2030, sub-Saharan Africa needs 17 million additional teachers. Our solution is TUTORSASA, which is a tutor/teacher marketplace accessible on a mobile & web application that gives every learner in need of help in particular subjects access to personal tutors on demand at their convenient locations.

Secondly, We also understand that one of the biggest challenges faced by teachers today is that of student engagement. The truth is many students in the classroom are passive and disengaged and they struggle to see the relevance of what they are learning to their lives, leading to a high rate of failure & school dropout. VirtualSasa is our virtual reality in education so

SectorsEducation, ICT, Virtual reality
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