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Ma-Mpti-2022-A-0051 Creation-Innovation-Development

Cover image of Ma-Mpti-2022-A-0051, Crop farming venture on VC4A

Localized In Mali more precisely in the Mopti region, DJIBO-SERVICES is a company that operates in the agricultural sector in order to contribute to improving the productivity of producers.
The misuse of chemical fertilizers in production is a source of soil depletion and has a negative impact on the health of consumers. And the long time to prepare the compost discourages many farmers in organic production (it takes at least 45 days to have good compost with our usual methods).
To solve this problem, we propose to produce, package and sell the product ” Activator ‘ ‘ which is a natural product allowing the multiplication of microorganisms in order to accelerate the decomposition of compost in order to allow producers to produce quality compost within a short period of 10 days.

Sectors Crop farming
Location Sevare, Mali
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