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Kibaba is a platform for Vicoba groups to keep their records and various calculations in Vicoba Modal.
What is VICOBA:
is a tailored micro-finance modal. It is designed to provide credit to low-income people who need capital to start their own businesses. The program brings together groups of 15 to 30 people, mostly women, and allows them to combine their savings to create a community-based bank.

The Challenge:
Groups use Ledger books to keep their financial records (Contributions, Social Contributions, Loans and Repayments) of each member. this goes for a period of one year where they usually meet weekly. Challenge emerges when data is either lost or stolen.

The Solution
Our Platform is a tool that capturing Vicoba information, securely and reliably, and helping them to Dividend according to the member share/contributions.
We use the power of WWW to deliver the solution to the People. Through the Internet, Vicoba can be accessed from anywhere on PC, tablets and Smartphones

Stage Growth stage EST June 2012
Sectors Investment management
Location Tanzania, United Republic of
Markets Tanzania, United Republic of
Customer model B2C
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