Lush Plans We believe that wedding planning should be fulfilling and that a couple should use planning period to learn more about themselves.

Lush Plans helps a couple plan and manage their wedding and transforms the stress of planning a wedding into fulfillment with the click of a button. They enter budget plus vendor/wedding type and get a personalized customizable wedding package that fits their budget and preferences.

We believe that wedding planning should be a time for a couple to work together as a team and find fulfillment that is why we built Lush Plans.

A couple, using Lush Plans, follows the formula: budget + wedding info formula = Wedding package.

They can also manage all the events of their wedding celebration, invite guests to one or more of the events, and track guest responses.

With Lush Plans, they get the best wedding vendors (service providers) at the best price. This is because we have the largest database of Nigerian events vendors with more than 20,000 vendors.  We are constantly mining data about events and extracting the vendors that worked at them. With this data, we are able to validate, rank, and recommend vendors to events they will shine at.

Each couple is guaranteed to receive recommendations that are tailored to their need and make all payments in one place. Our projected MRR is solid and we have a bespoke business model with multiple streams of revenue. The team is also solid. We’ve worked in the US, Canada, and the UK.

A couple who used the alpha version of Lush Plans said they saved money and had happy guests.