Lup Colombia Redefining Trash

Lup Colombia

Lup Colombia

Lup Colombia (Lup) is a Benefit Corporation in Cartagena, Colombia. We design strategies for the management of glass waste and advise businesses on tackling sustainability and waste management related issues. Currently, we are focused on site specific and community specific solutions for waste collection, processing and distribution of recycled glass products in the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

Glass waste will be processed into value-add products for use in various applications such as; the construction industry, water management (treatment and storage) and agriculture.

Lup’s vision is to drive the circular economy in Colombia and South America by utilizing profitable and sustainable uses for trash, thereby nurturing social entrepreneurship and creating positive impact for communities.

Stage Startup stage EST February 2019
Sectors Construction and manufacturing, Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
Location Cartagena, Colombia
Markets Colombia
Customer model B2B
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