Ludewa Development Group (LUDEG) Improving community livelihood through innovative development projects

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 To reduce plastic waste in a useful way
 To create job opportunity and hence poverty reduction
 To have environment free of plastic waste
 To minimize risk related to plastic waste.
Currently, community do not know proper way of disposing these type of
waste and they do not diagnose the impact related from it.
Plastic waste will be recycled into paving blocks and floor tiles. Use of this product will replace cement and reduce the cost of paving block when
compared to that of convention concrete paving blocks. The project is
helpful in reducing plastic waste in a useful way.

StageGrowth stage EST July 2018
SectorsWaste management and recycling
LocationTanzania, United Republic of
MarketsTanzania, United Republic of
Customer modelB2C, Governments (B2G), Non-profits
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