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Over 90% of the peanuts consumed in Nigeria today are unbranded, usually sold in used wine bottles. This creates a huge opportunity to gain market share by offering quality peanuts under a well-defined brand . Many of the peanuts in the market which are usually sold by mom and pop vendors are of poor health standards with a lot of quality variability. Due to the informal and unregulated nature of the market, a lot of the peanuts sold today in Nigeria have a mold called “Aflatoxin”. Aflatoxins are Poisonous and carcinogenic chemicals produced by certain types of mold which causes aflatoxicocis, liver necrosis, cirrhosis and liver cancer. We aim to offer high-quality aflatoxin free peanuts, thereby improving the consumer experience and the public health while making a profit.

SectorsAgribusiness, Food and beverage
Location Off Ilaje, Nigeria
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