Lixo Energy Limited Waste-to-organic fertiliser, biodiesel and scrap metal

The value proposition for Lixo Energy is to provide sustainable solutions for food production while creating a healthier environment. 

The business idea is to construct an integrated renewable energy facility where municipal solid waste will be collected from landfills and streets, sorted and resulting components used as feedstock to produce essential products. The biodegradable waste will be utilised as feedstock to manufacture very high quality organic fertiliser in 24 hours using a patented technology while the non-biodegradable materials will be utiliseed as feedstock to produce biodiesel using a patented clean energy technology. The remaining scrap metal will be supplied to the scrap metal industry for recycling. No remnant (zero waste) will be returned to landfill. This facility will reduce GHG emissions, provide high quality organic fertiliser for farmers and also a sustainable solution to the exploding problem of waste management and polluted underground water.

Stage Unknown EST March 2016
SectorsAgribusiness, Renewable energy, Waste management and recycling
LocationLagos, Nigeria
MarketsGhana, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal
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