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LIWONDER FOOD ‘N’ GLOBAL EVENTS LIWONDER FOOD 'N' GLOBAL EVENTS is a catering/confectionery food firm

The name of our products is LIWONDER FOOD. We produced our products with a special class of flour using sugar reduction techniques. Our variety of cakes and snacks has special qualities in taste and texture. Our products produced is very healthy and eatable. I have accepted payments from clients who likes our low sugar cakes/snacks and they are eagerly waiting for more because there was no worries after consumption. Our low sugar products will drastically eliminate the issue of diabetes in adults/ young. Base on our research most people don’t eat confectionery products because they said it is too sugary but LIWONDER FOOD ‘N’ GLOBAL EVENTS offers a wide range of healthy/low sugar products like cakes, caterpillar breads, fiesta, croissants etc containing meat, fish and vegetables like Irish potatoes, cabbages, carrots to improve life expectancy. The entire process would be mechanized in the future. For now, it is partly mechanized, partly manual due to financial constraints.

Sectors Food production
Location Warri, Nigeria
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