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Lishdannk Services Mulberry Farming & Silk Worms Rearing

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Have planted 2000 Mulberry seedlings in half acre land in Ojolla, 15 kms from Kisumu city. Purchased 10000 Silk Worms eggs which have already hatched and are being reared in cages. In about 28 days we will begin harvesting 10 Kgs of cocoons/raw silk used for silk threading. By November, l plan to increase the eggs to 40,000 and then by January to 300,000 eggs to increase the harvest.
The business has potential since Mulberry plant is a hardy plant that can survive even when the rains subsides. The worms are also easy to take care of since we provide a disinfected area for rearing and prevention of diseases. Its a unique business and the risk of theft is also not there since many people fear the worms and cannot even imagine breaking in since there is nothing to steal. Being a woman in this rare business has also challenged other women that they can also rise and do something. Its not an easy job but l am up to the task, l enjoy my kind of business and more so the feeding process.

Sectors Agribusiness, Import and export, Manufacturing
Location Kisumu, Kenya
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