LishaBora Ltd. Unlocking credit and banking solutions in smallholder dairy farming

LishaBora’s mission is to improve the profitability, scalability and sustainability of smallholder dairy farming in the informal sector in Kenya. To achieve this mission, LishaBora’s business management mobile application digitalizes the record-keeping and payment processes for the 45,000 dairy traders active in the informal dairy sector of Kenya. Instead of manually writing down every milk collection, traders can enter the information into LishaBora’s app. The application then conducts all accounting calculations for each farmer, automating the process and reducing the number of former error-prone, manual calculations. From LishaBora collecting this data and conducting payouts, these farmers and traders in the informal sector are building long-term financial histories, making them bankable and building credit. By digitalizing this process and effectively collateralizing the milk, the dairy trader is enabled to sell LishaBora’s high-impact products through our mobile application on short-term, low-risk credit. This creates a new revenue stream for the trader and solves the cash-flow issues facing the farmers, while offering both the farmer and trader business analytics about their long-term growth and productivity. Partnering with dairy traders allows LishaBora to scale and reach Kenya’s decentralized dairy market quickly, as one trader reaches approximately 30-60 farmers generating over 1,600 USD in revenue each month. 

Stage Unknown EST January 2015
Sectors Agribusiness, Banking, Mobile
Location Kiambu, Kenya
Markets Kenya
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