Lina Sarah Team Woman Engineers Africa Arise

Developing an interactive career networking platform.There is a perceived notion that there are few available women with the relevant expertise and specialized skills to take up leadership demanding roles.
This perception is further propagated in historically male dominated industries and professions such as engineering.
The misconception of lack of women skill in specialized fields needs to be obliterated by placing a consented focus and effort in the empowerment and advancement of women in the African continent; thereby showcasing Africa as a talent hub for capable and talented women.
African women have a story to tell therefore we need to give them a platform to showcase their talent, capability and a voice.
Women Engineers Africa Arise is a Career network platform for Women Engineers in Africa. The platform is used for building CV’s and portfolios. It highlights the member’s education, qualifications, skills, work experience and testimonials from people they hav

Sectors Automotive, Manufacturing, Renewable energy
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
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