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LIMON Business GROUP Ltd Is a graphic design company flexible Designing, Printing, and Branding

Cover image of LIMON Business GROUP Ltd, Clothing and textiles production venture on VC4A

LIMON BUSINESS GROUP Ltd is a graphic design company flexible, fast and cheap compared to the competitors, and which is affordable for everyone. We offer customers an “All‐in‐One‐Concept“, which means we take care of all the things the customer needs for advertisement of their business such as Designing, Printing, and Branding.

Our products are designing and creating print and advertising material. e.g. logo design, typography, design theory, art direction, ad design, web design, booth design, corporate design/corporate identity, layout, image processing, color management, pre‐press, final draft, illustration and photography.

Sectors Clothing and textiles production, Graphic design, Information technology
Location Kigali, Rwanda
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