Lillium Convallium Academy State-of-the-art-school, from Montessori level, infant &Junior level.

Our school is unique in that
1. we teach both academics, sport and real life schools, our main objective being building a champion in all areas.
2. we are a community, we work as a team and we have our meals together, no lunchboxes from home, our main objective being raising champions who are able to share and work with others
3. we are about to start on a Montessori department taking children from 3 months and have excellent teachers and assistants trained to build happiness and joy in a child
4. we do have a chaplain to grow our children in the ways of God
5. we are about to start two boarding houses catering for children whose parents are always away
6. we give 10% of our enrollment to the underprivileged and incorporate them in our community
7. we also assist in finding scholarships for our children who are good so that they can go to better schools should their parents be at a disadvantaged position
8. we keep connected to our children even when they leave school.

Stage Growth stage EST January 2016
Sectors Education, Educational products, Educational services
Location Zimbabwe
Markets Zimbabwe
Customer model B2B, B2C, Non-profits
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