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Lifedesire lntegrated Farms In God We Trust

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Lifedesire lntegrated Farms majored on Cassava planting and root processing into garri, odourless fufu, and provision of raw materials to Agro Allied industries. This is high level of hunger in the nation such that the demand of garri is higher than the supply. Even most of the good we eat is not nutritious and most of our Agro Allied industries lack raw materials. It was on this point that my company have strategied such that by 2025 each family will be having three square meal a day. You know most of the death registering today are caused by hunger and malnutrition. So, we have decided to work to hunger zero level. Moreso, our garri contains Pro vitamin A with nutritious value. So, our product handles sight problems and other malnutritional issues. A diabetic patient can comfortably eat it without any negative effect. Today, most of our livestocks suffer hunger do to raw materials. But with us the problems are arrested and enough raw materials will be available for them.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Nigeria
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