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Lenana Innovative Solutions Ltd Providing end-to-end e-supply chain solutions

We provide a free-to-use digital platform that allows employers to manage their H.R. (human resource) needs from a central point. This includes: disbursement of salaries, requesting & disbursement of salary advances, remittance of salary deductions (e.g. insurance premiums & payroll taxes). Through this platform, we are able to extend affordable salary-based financial products to low-grade/informal staff who work for our partner employers. These products include:
1. Salary backed loans – Our digital H.R. platform is linked to a USSD platform through which pre-approved employees, can request for & receive salary loans, from the comfort of their phones. This service is currently at scale-up stage.
2. Micro-insurance – we are partnering up with insurance providers to extend micro-insurance products (e.g. disability & health insurance). The premiums will be as low as USD $12 per year (USD $1 per month) & will be deducted from their salaries.

Secteurs Fintech, Assurance, Traitement des paiements en ligne
Emplacement Nairobi, Kenya
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