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Lema Agrivest Rethinking Agriculture for Sustainable & Self Sufficient Living

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Lema Agrivest

Lema Agrivest

Lema Agrivest is a hydroponics and aquaponics farming company with more focus on creating inclusive ecosystem for smallholder farmers and vulnerable communities. The use of hydroponics allows more control of the root system, environment and plant growth by controlling the amount of nutrients and water the plants (and roots) receive, allowing maximum yield and quality produce.

Water and nutrients are recycled within the growing channel, reserving the scarce natural resource and allowing cultivation of plants even in drought prone areas. It enables sustainable year-round yielding and an inclusive ecosystem which involves the disabled and people with back pain issues.

At Lema, we are creating a joint venture which will enable every stakeholder to benefit generating profit per harvesting cycle without too much market hurdle on their shoulders. Our joint venture ecosystem includes farm management mobile and web app with farm automation capabilities and a SaaS ecommerce platform.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agritech, Crop farming, E-commerce, Fish farming
LocationMaseru, Lesotho
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