An online platform that helps manufacturers to sell products directly to the end consumers without the retailers being involved. With these model products on Lekkify will be 90% affordable/cheaper (prices).

The problems this idea (Lekkify) is solving it’s been faced by millions of people in Africa on a daily basis.
Yes, I have expertise in this area (2 years).
We have done surveys both online and offline and we discovered that people are personally interested in the solution because they all encounter this problem every day.

On Lekkify, only manufacturers are allowed to sell their products to the end consumers.
There are high demands to get (affordable/cheap) products online/offline in Africa, people can easily pay for quality products that are cheap/affordable whether branded or unbranded. with our partnership with manufacturing companies, we will be able to offer vast varieties of affordable product pricing to all African & international markets.

Stage Startup stage EST April 2019
Sectors E-commerce, Manufacturing, Retail and wholesale
Location Tallinn, Estonia
Markets Europe, Nigeria
Customer model B2C
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