Landmapp Unlocking Land Value

Landmapp provides land owners with land documentation that is affordable and available on massive scale, unlocking the value of land. By 2020 we expect to be the leading land documentation provider in Ghana’s rural and peri-urban markets, with over over 100,000 documents sold.

We have sold over 3700 documents to smallholders farmers to date, having navigated some tough obstacles including farmer seasonal payment cycles, and signing by the authorities. 4Q17 is all about proving our delivery model within the high season and are now ready to deliver over 2000 documents by end of year.

In fall 2017 we will launch our second product for rurally based customers such as schools, faith based organisations and NGOs. And in 2018 we expect to enter the residential market in rural and peri-urban areas, providing easily accessible and affordable land documentation to customers.

We have now closed our 3rd funding round and are excited to move ahead with growing the business in Ghana and beyond!