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Land Environment and Development Concerns (Ledec) LEDEC Natural Honey Ug

The LEDEC Natural Honey is pure natural honey got from natural bee processes that make honey from crops and trees in the forest. Over the years the demand of LEDEC honey has been growing especially with the small producers supplying only about 5%. Through the Livelihood support more 1000 women and youths will be engaged in income generating enterprise like beekeeping as a lifetime career producing even more volumes of honey and improving the quality everyday while growing food crops at the same time adapting to climate change in 5 years. The women and youths are normally committed when they have activities that support their daily income like agricultural activities to provide food and honey to supplement on family income.

LEDEC is being based in the community is well placed to mobilize, organize and implement local initiatives that address environmental issues. The enterprise through its cluster in all villages around the five Busoga districts.

SectorsAgribusiness, Environmental services, Manufacturing
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