LAfricaMobile Bringing you closer to the Africans from here and elsewhere

LAfricaMobile is a multichannel mobile platform that allows startups and African organizations to better interact with mobile users.
It offers them a unique entry point SMS, USSD & Voice (in API and SAAS mode) to facilitate their interaction with mobile users (with or without internet).

Africa is the new continent of mobile. In 2020, the continent will have more than 500 million mobile subscribers, more than 49% of penetration rates according to the GSMA (
This growing market interests more and more startups, marketing and IT departments; but to interact with these mobile users, they are confronted with the multiplicity of operators and the multiplicity of communication channels : SMS, VOICE, USSD, WHATSAPP, OTT …
For example, in the UEMOA area (~ 110 million inhabitants, same French language and same FCFA currency), there are more than 25 operators !
In other words, a startup that targets the entire region, to send SMS and voice notifications to its users, should contract and interconnect with more than 25 operators: it is technically tedious and financially expensive!
The solution is a unique simplified, cross-country and cross-channel platform (SMS, USSD, VOICE, API) to easily connect African organizations (startups, DSI, marketing department …) to mobile users via API and SAAS.