Kuungana Technology & Training growth conductor for SMEs in the informal, Sub Saharan economy

Kuungana ends stagnation of SMEs in the informal economy in Sub Saharan Africa through our financial management training and technology. We have seen that businesses are actually profiting more than they realize but because of no financial management, businesses are in a constant state of struggle. Our data shows that from our 159 trainees 46% say their biggest business challenge is lack of capital YET 94% have participated in at least one lending scheme- showing the problem has shifted from access to money to knowledge of how to manage and use money.
Kuungana training teaches tangible, analytical and emotional financial management skills. Kuungana technology legitimizes businesses’ finances through features such as financial reports, informal but reliable credit checks and structured savings plans to attain goals.
When scaled globally, our clients will have stronger businesses allowing them to earn more, in turn dropping poverty levels and allowing stronger communities to emerge.

Stage Idea/Concept stage EST February 2020
Sectors Educational services, Financial services
Location Nanyuki, Kenya
Markets Kenya
Customer model B2B2C, B2C
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