Kusasa Outsourcing (Pty) Ltd a digital financial ecosystem in the circular economy

Kusasa, is a Business Process Outsourcing business that automates financial processing, transactions, interconnects supply chains and integrates everything. We decided to create a digital solution to change the way business is done and provide the channel for Impact and Support, at scale. We are developing a Cashflow Management Platform to allow users in our network to make smart decisions and review revenue across the entire business in real-time dashboards. Unlike the traditional approach our innovation guarantees small business owners support in the learning curve and growth cycles and with our cash back payout, impacts cash flow dips. We earn revenue from a subscription model and plan to monetize our offering through a funded Transition to Digital Initiative in the next phase. We are in Canada in the Founder Institute Accelerator Program seeking a co-founder and initial funding. 

Stage Unknown EST December 2014
Sectors Financial services
Location Durban, South Africa
Markets South Africa
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