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KraveBytes Spend less than 180 seconds, not 15 minutes at fast food restaurants.

Going to a fast-food restaurant can most times be very frustrating for a customer. From the [average of 15-minute] long wait times, to poor customer service & experience, to inaccurate orders. For restaurant operators, the long wait times caused by the slow speeds, and the inaccurate orders may lead them to lose customers which translates into lost revenue. If you’ve ever experienced any of this, you know that it can be a frustrating process.

This was why KraveBytes was started. KraveBytes is a tech startup that provides innovative new technology to restaurants. KraveBytes aims to significantly cut down on the long wait times, poor customer service & experience, inaccurate orders and lost revenue for operators of fast food restaurants by giving the power to the customer through our revolutionary self-service restaurant technology.

SectorsCloud solutions, E-commerce, Manufacturing
LocationAccra, Ghana
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