Kozzi homes We connect clients and professionals in the housing industry.

Kozzi homes reduces time and resources wasted finding housing and residential needs by connecting clients to professionals in the housing industry.Being civil engineer led, we also do construction and architecture projects.
Our vision is to create a one stop center for all housing needs ranging form plots, to homes for rent or sale, construction, plans,interior design,plumbing, home equipment like furniture.
We made a website where service providers can submit their work to us for it to published and easily found by people who need the services.
We have a very good team of two civil engineers, an IT and an accountant. We believe we have what it takes to make it scale and we are very passionate about what we do. Our target market is two sided, we target both service providers and service consumers in the housing industry.
Our startup has a lot of potential since it is not limited geographically. Simply put, we are your Houzz/task rabbit of Africa.