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Koomzo ::SaaS School ERP platform

Managing paper work for over thousands of students & staff in educational institutions can be an overwhelming task.
Managing academic records for past/alumni students can be an even more challenging feat as the archived records grows over the years.
A school ERP platform is an ideal solution to this environment.

However deploying an ERP platform is far beyond the reach of many educational institution due steep upfront investments
like software & hardware procurement and installation, software and maintenance technical staff.

Koomzo is a hosted (cloud based) SaaS School ERP platform that automates core school processes (academic and administrative).
It provides a scalable, off site infrastructure accessible on demand across the internet on a pay-per-student per annum or pay-per-school package.
The business and operational model of koomzo, waives institutions form steep upfront cost

Koomzo has been designed to be flexible enough the comply with the education structure of Secondary schools and universities across Africa.
The data security and integrity of the platform is a key design feature.

Though ERP platforms can be inherently complicated to use. This platform has been developed with a very intuitive UI to provide great user experience.
Minimal ICT skills are need to use this platform.

With the mainstream adoption of 3G/LTE data networks across African countries, this platform presents a heavily lucrative business model.
It address a niche market overlooked by mainstream ERP providers

Stage Unknown EST January 2015
SectorsComputer software, Education, Internet, Mobile, Telecom
MarketsCameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia
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