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Koltv8 Urban Black Soldier Fly & Vegetable Farm.

1. High nutritional values in produce as our urban farm reduces farm to table time. This helps fight malnutrition.
2. Urban farming reduces carbon emissions that would have emanated from moving produce across long distances.
3. Vertical farming enables the growth of high amounts of food in small spaces & also in urban areas where access to land for planting is hard. It also enables aspiring farmers kick-start their enterprise with little funds.
4. Hydroponics & greenhouse farming eliminates seasonality in food production which helps stabilise food prices by ensuring availability all year round.
5. Black Soldier Fly upcycles food waste into organic fertiliser which helps increase crop yields & replenish soils.
6. Indoor farming has eliminated the fear of insecurity and herdsmen attacking farms.
7. Black Soldier Fly larvae is an excellent source of alternative protein for livestock, pet, reptiles & poultry. It’s affordable & it’s production is climate-neutral

Sectors Agritech, Biotechnology and medical research, Crop farming, Waste management and recycling
Location Uyo, Nigeria
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